Vishal Gems 3.78 Carat Certified Natural Iolite Gemstone 4.15 Ratti

Opens, heightens and expands psychic abilities in a gentle way. Enhances curiosity and achievement, useful for people who are new to spiritual opening.

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Name- Comes from the stones violet colour. Iolite is also called Water Sapphire. The violet

translucence increase the imagination and all aspect of intuitive creativity. Helps to see details

of inner visions, illuminates issues one must face for continued growth.

Iolite is the stone of inner treasures. It assist in blending normal conscious thinking with

intuitive knowing. Encourages calmness and resourcefulness in difficult situations.

Birthstone– Virgo (21st December to 19th January)

Zodiac Gem– Ruled by saturn

Hardness– 7 to 7.5

Colour– Blue

Composition– It is a magnesium aluminum silicate mineral with a orthorhombic crystal structure.

Physical and Spiritual Properties

  • Its colour corresponds to the spiritual centers for the head Indigo relates to the pituitary gland, violet relates to the pineal gland used in meditation.
  • The stone has vibrational frequency can inspire spiritual awakening.
  • The power of iolite ray develops our intuitive and clairvoyant perceptions so we can see the light of truth and thus reach wisdom.
  • It sweeps all confusion and illusion away from the intellect.
  • It teaches to differentiate between illusion and knowledge.
  • Wearing iolite helps awaken and sustain psychic gifts.
  • Excellent stone for astrologers, tarot readers.
  • Iolite has healing value in the treatment of mental disorders, it is able to expel negative elements in consciousness and builds up higher ones.


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