Vishal Gems 14.32 Carat Certified Natural Malachite Gemstone 15.75 Ratti

Helps to clear and release old traumas from this life and past lives, offers protection against psychic attack.

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Name– Malachite was derived from the greek word Malakhe meaning mallow (a plant similar in

color) in the 14th century.

Birthstone– Taurus

Zodiac Gem– Sagittarius (23rd November to 20th December)

Hardness– 3.5 to 4

Colour– Opaque and always green with stripes.

Composition– Copper carbonate mineral with a monoclinic crystal system.

Physical and Spiritual Properties-

  • Malachite gives protection from negative energies and gives positive vibrations, screens out hostile focus.
  • Malachite enhances will power, refuse temptations, instills confidence and responsibility.
  • Malachite represents fidelity in love and friendship and loyalty in partnership.
  • Malachite helps to overcome fear of flying.
  • Malachite helps in treating eye sight problems, toothache, vertigo and mensural problems.
  • It is also helpful in asthma, arthritis and torn muscles.


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