Vishal Gems 13.96 Carat Certified Natural Cats Eye Gemstone 15.35 Ratti

Fosters the ability to see as a catsees-all the things people miss, promotes visions of other realms, dimensions and planets.

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Name– Cats eye was named in AD 1599, cats eye shows a light colored line that changes position.

This gemstone resembles the eye of a cat.

Birthstone– People born in any month can wear cats eye.

Zodiac Gems– People born in any month can wear cats eye.

Hardness– 8.5 to 9

Colour– Yellow and Green

Composition– Varity of chrysoberyl

Physical and Spiritual Properties-

  • Cats eye stone represent happiness and serenity.
  • Yellow or greenish cats eye are incredibly lucky financially as well as protective against malice and envy.
  • It is said that if people wear the same cats eye for years it grows in strength and brings good fortune.
  • It stimulates initiation and enhances awareness.
  • It is said to relieve headache, pain associated with nervous system asthma and bowel cramps.


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