Vishal Gems 12.28 Carat Certified Natural Fresh Water Pearl Gemstone 13.5 Ratti

Soothes and heals the negativity and struggle in ones life, surrounds negative energy with light, dissolves negative energy, calms and soothes the emotions.

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Name– Pearls are organic gems which are found in the shell of the oyster. They were found dates

back In 14th century.

Birthstone– June

Zodiac Gem– Pisces (19th February to 20 March)

Gemini (21st May to 20th June)

Cancer (21st June to 20th July)

Hardness– 2.5 to 3

Colour– White, black, grey, pinkish white, yellow, white, golden

Composition– Most pearls are cultured. Same kind of oysters are used in controlled environment to

produce pearls, a round bead or a chip of mother of pearl shell is introduced into the

oyster which reacts by coating, nacre over the foreign body, directly resulting in

irritation to form a pearl.

Physical and Spiritual

  • Pearl is thought to hold the key to how we can overcome oppression and pain.
  • Pearl is thought to signify faith, charity and innocence and to enhance personal integrity.
  • Pearl soothes and heals negativity in thoughts, calms and sooths the emotions.
  • Pearl has been used in the treatment of digestive disorders and is thought to increase fertility and ease child birth.


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