Vishal Gems 1.91 Carat Certified Natural Opal Gemstone 2.1 Ratti

Opens and amplifies the energy, increases light and spiritual awareness, promotes spiritual initiation.

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Name– Opal was named in the 14th century, the name was derived from the latin word Opalus

meaning stone or Jewel. It was also called the stone of happy dreams and changes.

Birthstone– October

Zodiac Gems– Virgo (22nd August to 22nd September, 23rd September to 22nd October)

Colour– Variation from milky white to black

Composition– A hydrated silicated material contains between 1% and 2% water.

Physical and Spiritual Properties-

  • Opal is a stone of gentle energies, it provides purification of ones energy field, cleaning and rebalancing supports to ones physical self.
  • Opal helps women to relax during childbirth.
  • Opal is thought to purify the blood and kidneys and regulate insulin production.


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