Vishal Gems 1.83 Carat Certified Natural Citrine Gemstone 2.01 Ratti

Clears, expands and aligns the aurabodies, heals opens and aligns the etheric emotional and mental levels.

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Name– In 1748 citrine came from the french word Citron meaning lemon.

Birthstone– November

Zodiac Gem– Leo (23rd July to 23rd August)

Hardness– 7

Colour– Yellow

Composition– Yellow pigmentation derived from iron.

Physical and Spiritual Properties

  • Citrine gives increased clarity of thought.
  • Helps bring enhanced creativity and magnified power of well being and manifestation.
  • Stimulates mental focus.
  • Citrine assists to penetrate problems and expedite solutions.
  • Citrine activates the thinking process, enhances mental clarity as well as visionary functions through which inner images appear.
  • Citrine stimulates creative function, resulting in new potentials.


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