Vishal Gems 1.61 Carat Certified Natural Blue Topaz Gemstone 1.77 Ratti

Helps in feeling ones anger and releasing it. Promotes understanding and feeling ones emotions and emotional pain.

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Blue Topaz

Name– Also called olivine was extracted on an Island then known as topazo or St John in the red sea

and hence its name. Topaz gives its power to the wearer. The stone provides an enhancement

of ones mental processing and verbal skills, improves attention span and ability to said to

concentrate on mental tasks. Helps to achieve perfection in various projects and aspiration.

Topaz is have been used in the breastplate of ancient high priests.

Birthstone– For November, symbolising fertility.

Zodiac Gem– Sagittarius (22nd November to 21st December)

Hardness– 8

Colour– Topaz is produced in various shades of blue in a laboratory controlled procedure. Clear natural

topaz is mainly from brazil eradiated to a brown colour and heated to make blue. Good

natural blue are very rare to find.

Composition– Is an aluminum silicate, flouride hydroxide crystal with an orthorhombic crystal


Physical and Spiritual Properties

  • Helps in feeling ones anger and relieving it, also helps in understanding ones emotions and emotional pain, aids surrendering to forgiveness of one self and others, promotes turning ones pain over to the gods and the light for healing.
  • The stone is believed to bring health and wealth and to protect the holder against danger.
  • In healing is said to activate the lungs, preventing colds and tuberculosis, to improve eye sight and to relieve stress. Supports healing sore throat, speech impediments and hyperactive thyroid.


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